International Christian Chamber Of Commerce

Our purpose is to encourage and equip Christians to experience a release into a new dimension of Faith, Hope, Love, and Freedom in their business and working lives and to better understand our time.

A Global Network of Believers In the Work Place

We desire to see a new reformation being manifested through our
working life where individuals come together as one people, in unity,
from a place of rest. We desire a company of people who ask,
“How can I serve?”, “What can I contribute?”, instead of
“How can others serve me?”

We are worldwide people who, in our business and working lives,
desire to experience the reality of God’s, strategies, and plans, becoming an
outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith, leading to a glorious
release of the Kingdom of God.

1. Righteousness: trustworthy & truthful in all our actions
2. Holy Spirit Led: listen for His voice and follow His lead
3. Excellence in Stewardship: attitude of radical generosity

What We Do

Calling & Alignment

Where is your passion? Where do you have unusual skill? The answer to these questions is a strong indication of your calling. If the answer is business, we want to help you align yourself with God's purpose for your life.

Professional Life

Our mandate is to assist, counsel, and mentor business professionals in the principles of the Kingdom Economy that will ultimately produce blessing in your life - as God defines blessing

Prayer & Intercession

The Lord speaks to His people and therefore He has given us authority to pray into the lives of working professionals and businesses.


We equip through media, books, video series and individual development, such as our Chamber Ambassador Program. We will speak at your meetings.


Relationship is a key Kingdom component. We provide a platform where meaningful professional relationships can develop and flourish.


We are building a framework of Kingdom minded people throughout the nation to enable mutual value creation to fund the Kingdom.t each of us has in our hands.
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