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How the ICCC can support you

Becoming a part of us and support the vision

  • Serve and support you in your faith and calling to know the Lord, love Him and walk with Him.
  • Give a Kingdom perspective for our time and address the issues.
  • Encourage you to find God's YES for your life & work
  • Connect you to an international professional Christian network
  • Challenge you to take new steps and reach a new level of freedom in your working life as you learn to let His life flow through you
  • Help you be a better leader, co-worker and professional
  • Assist you to develop a solid relationship as Insurance for the future
  • Deepen your calling and prophetic understanding
  • What we believe

    The Lord will do with you through the ICCC network:
  • Impart His vision, future and hope to your working life
  • Purify your heart, character, and motives in business
  • Get new and stronger revelation and faith in relation to the mission the Lord has laid before you
  • Help you walk in freedom, to rest at work, and be effective in the Holy Spirit
  • Teach you how to walk by faith in business
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    If you would like to receive more information about membership. please take the opportunity to read the below strategic plan, as well as review our Statement of Belief. Upon your agreement with the VIsion, Values & Purpose of the ICCC.
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    The ICCC is driven by the vision to see “A worldwide people who, in their business and working lives, are experiencing the reality of goals, strategies, and plans, becoming an outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith, leading to a glorious release of the Kingdom of God at work.

    Hundreds of thousands of people have already been impacted by the vision and the ministry of the ICCC.

    An ICCC member is someone who has a desire to be a part of this vision, a member of a global team.

    We currently have members in over 70 countries. Professionals working in all kinds of industries. Private, public and Non Profit sector. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Men and women. Young and old.

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