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Dr. A. Lee Henderson Vice- President of ICCCUSA, is a man of exceptional character, vision, and action. He has said, “Character determines quality.” Dr. Henderson’s military experience equipped and prepared him to become a much sought after Trainer, Team Builder, Preacher, Teacher, Author, and Businessman within the church arena as well as the marketplace, both nationally and internationally.

With over 50+ years of ecclesiastical experience, and 43 years in the pastorate, Dr. Henderson has planted churches and schools across the globe in Kenya, the Philippines, India. Zambia , etc. As the Senior Pastor of of 21st Century Leadership Ekklesia of Jesus Christ in Bremen, GA., a hub for producing and equipping apostolic marketplace leaders,, he has established a Global Mission: Raising a People to Save a Nation, which focuses on what has been coined as the Triple “E’s”: Emancipation, Education, and Economics.

Dr. Henderson/s special anointing and exceptional acumen in the area of business has allowed him to not only begin various start-up businesses such as His Feast Pilgrimage Tours, but his expertise has allowed him to be an integral part in assisting others with start-ups, especially in the areas of health/wellness and wealth. Through “Economic Evangelism,”

Dr. Henderson is married to Joann Henderson and they are parents to two children, two grandchildren, and one great grandchild.