Larry Tyler

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"Hidden Messages in Cash Flow - What Your Cash Flow Might Say If It Could Speak", "Romancing the Loan - 14 Principles For Opening Your Lender's Vault" , "Eliminating Debt God's Way"

Over the balance of my career seeking to understand first, helping business owners understand and interpret their cash flow became my trademark. I really enjoy and have fun being a part of their success. I’ve learned, via my experiences, that we are designed to connect and work with others in relationship. Each individual walking in their unique, one of a kind gifting, can complement and help others in the eco-system they find themselves.
Purpose/Vision: Help connect the relational purpose in the hearts of business owners with the compelling value created by their business So That: owners and their teams are inspired, positive cash flow is generated, managed well, then multiplied and freedom is experienced.

• Help business owners understand and interpret their cash flow and have fun doing so
• Assist business owners in achieving business goals by maximizing cash flow from operations by implementing a cash flow management system in the business
• Help wear the financial hat for the business owner and business
• Provide feedback for the owner via key performance indicators allowing for adaptation and change as needed
• Survival expert for business owners entering the jungles of borrowing money
• Focus the owner and business on its vision/purpose/WHY to maximize results
• Help business owners “Cash In” on their relationships with capital providers by “romancing” the relationship
• Encourage, educate, equip and engage business owners to learn and apply Kingdom economic principles in their businesses
Author: “Hidden Messages in Cash Flow – What Your Cash Flow Might Say If It Could Speak”; “Eliminating Debt God’s Way”; “Cash Flow and Profitability Tools Bible”; “Romancing the Loan – 14 Principles for Opening Your Lender’s Vault”
BA and MBA in Business Administration – Presbyterian College and LeTourneau University

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