Laura Kent


Laura Kent was the first woman to serve on the ICCC International Board. Her business expertise is in the financial arena and understanding concepts that drive the mechanisms of the economy. Laura spent a number of decades in the investment field as the President of her own Investment Advisory firm managing individuals’ portfolios and also as a stock broker with a boutique trading house. Currently she is working on a mining and minerals project that involves gold and rare earths to be harvested in the Southwest. In business, she has mentored individuals to help them maximize their potential.

Ms. Kent is also on the Board of, a faith-based nonprofit that funds capital and training to individuals for the creation of microbusinesses and small businesses in about nine nations. Through businesses are established and grown, creating jobs and prosperity to sustain families so they can rise out of poverty.  She joined the ICCC in 1992, prior to the ICCC International coming to the U.S. She was looking for others who also hold the belief that God wants to use us and our businesses to achieve His purposes on earth. Her passion is to see God’s Word and His hand manifested throughout the world.  Laura has two degrees in Economics (BA and Masters) and an MBA from Stanford University.